Editorial Board

Dr Surendra Singh
Ex. Professor & Ex. Project Coordinator (FIM)
Dr Gyanendra Singh
Member Task Force Committee, Government of Madhya Pradesh
M. Selami İLERİ
Secretary General - TARMAKBIR
Dr Y C Bhatt
Professor and Dean (Student Welfare)
Dr Graham A.B. Edwards
Chairman and Co-Founder
Prof Artemi Cerda
Full Professor University of Valencia
Dr Yoshisuke Kishida
President and Editer in Chief, Farm Machinery Industrial Research Corp
Kuldar Väärsi
Chief Executive Officer of Milrem AS
Dr C R Mehta
AICRP on Farm Implements and Machinery
Dr Joginder Singh Malik
Professor of Extension Education
Dr Ghanshyam T. Patle
Assistant Professor - College of Agricultural Engineering
Prof Dr Said Elshahat Abdallah
Yash Agrawal
Business Development Associate, BIS Research
Sr.Manager - Agronomy
Raghavan Sampathkumar
Founder & Principal
Manager, Social Networking in an agriculture machinery company
Dr Nobutaka Ito
M.S. and Ph. D. in Agricultural Engineering, Kyoto University, Japa
Prof Dr Sarp Korkut Sümer, Ph.D
Dr Rajendra Uprety
Senior Agriculture Development Officer