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AGRi MECH is worlds’ numero uno magazine for Farm Technologies & allied industries, is brought out in association with the worlds’ greatest associations e.g. All India Food Processors Association (AIFPA), Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (AFSTI), Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (AMMA-India), TARMAKBIR (Turkey), AEM (USA), Global Organization For Agricultural Robotics (GOFAR) etc.

This magazine brings forth the latest market trends & emerging technologies, highly useful features on agricultural machinery applications, business strategies, success stories, views & visions of industry leaders, etc. Moreover, it serves as an active business platform for the worldwide agriculture industry.

Our more than 350,000 print and online readership covers the Dealers, Distributors, Importers, Exporters, Agriculture Machinery Manufacturers, Agriculture Input Manufacturers, Service Providers, Government and Private institutes, IT Companies, Trade Associations and Trade Councilors in more than 38 countries which include Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Middle East regions.

With the best authors and eye catching design, AGRi MECH offers a fresh approach to agricultural publishing, it is one of the best platforms for all your technical hunger and market penetration.

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AGRi MECH Magazine

By acquiring a high degree of quality content, an eye-catching layout, and a deep focus on the agriculture industry, AGRi MECH has now crossed the geographical boundaries of more than 38 countries in the world. This made it the only global and one of the most dedicated monthly magazines that covers the most discussed issues and articles on the latest technologies in the farm technology domain. Our more than 350,000 print and online readership covers dealers, distributors, importers, exporters, agriculture machinery manufacturers, agriculture input manufacturers, service providers, government and private institutes, IT companies, trade associations, and trade councilors, which include Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and the MENA regions.

In the last few years, AGRi MECH has achieved the reputation of being one of the leading trade magazines in the industry, and over that period of time, it has played a vital role in creating awareness and ensuring prosperity in the global agribusiness sector.