Dr. Yoshisuke Kishida

Dr. Yoshisuke Kishida

President, Shin-Norinsha Co., Ltd.
President and Editer in Chief, Farm Machinery Industrial Research Corp.

Education : 1965 Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo Japan
Work Experience: 1965-1966 Shimane Research Devision, Sato-Zoki Co., Ltd. (now Mitsubishi Mahindra Agric. Machinery Co.,Ltd.)

1966- Present: Shin-Norinsha Co., Ltd. 1976- Present: President of Farm Machinery Industrial Research Corp.

  • Editor in Chief, AMA-Agricultural Mechanization in Asia, Africa and Latin America since 1971
  • Became president of Shin-Norinsha Co., Ltd. in 1973
  • Was invited to International Conference on Soil Dynamics as a Distinguished Speaker at the National Tillage Machinery Laboratory 50th Anniversary
  • Was Invited to Agricultural Engineering Department, Purdue University as a Distinguished Industrial Lecture Series Speaker (1992)
  • Was invited to the 1st Member Meeting of the Regional Council of Agricultural Machinery Association in Asia and the Pacific (ReCAMA) of CSAM as a distinguished speaker

Related Activities:

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)

  • Established ASAE Kishida International Award in 1978
  • Received ASAE Past President Award in in 1992
  • International Director: 1996- 1998
  • Board of Trustee of ASABE Foundation: 2008- 2014
  • Selected as 2015 ASABE Fellow

International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR)

  • Became executive board member in 2004
  • Became the first Asian Fellow

Asian Association for Agricultural Engineering (AAAE)

  • Vice President 1990- 1997/2014-2017
  • President 2008- 2010

Club of Bologna

  • Member of Management Committee: 2003-present

Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE)

  • Life Membership since 1982
  • Presented Award of Honour in 2015

Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery and Food Engineers

  • Secretary General 1984-1987
  • Board Member 1995- 2000
  • Fellow: 2007- present

Japan Association of International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

  • Executive Board 2009-present
  • Fellow in 2007

Science Council of Japan

  • Member of Agricultural Studies
  • Board Executive of International Agricultural Engineering Association: 2011- present
  • Member of the Agricultural Academy of Japan

Japanese Society of Agricultural Informatics

    • Board of Trustee 2003-present

Japanese Society of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Engineers and Scientists

  • Received International Promotion of Science Award in 2014
  • Fellow Member


Association of Japanese Agricultural Scientific Societies
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Tropical Agriculture Research Association of Japan
Japanese Society of Zootechnical Science
Japanese Society of Farm Work Research
The Japanese Agricultural Systems Society
Terramechanics Research Association
Japanese Society of Environment Control in Biology
The Association of Rural Planning
The Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Rural Engineering
Chinese Institute of Agricultural Machinery
International Commission of Agricultural Engineering
The Canadian Society of Bioengineering
European Society of Agricultural Machinery
Australian Society for Engineering in Agriculture
Asian Agricultural and Biological Engineering Association
International Society of Paddy and Water Environment Engineering
Korean Society for Agricultural Machinery
Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineering


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