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About Us

As one of the pioneers of “Agricultural Technology” in the industry, AGRi MECH provides a stellar opportunity to continue to bridge the trade gap between industry key players and the prospective buyers of their products & services.

AGRi MECH stands as the foremost global magazine dedicated to Agricultural Technologies and related industries. Published in collaboration with renowned trade associations and institutions, this magazine serves as an authoritative source for unveiling the most current market trends and emerging technologies. It offers invaluable insights into the applications of agricultural machinery, innovations, strategic business approaches, success narratives, and the perspectives of industry luminaries.

Furthermore, AGRi MECH functions as a dynamic platform, actively facilitating business interactions within the worldwide agricultural industry.

A sister concern named RK Media and Communications (RKMC), one of the fastest-growing trade event organizers. RK Media and Communications is a professional and leading organizer for domestic and international specialized trade exhibitions based in India. Our highly motivated workforce has earned their reputation as a successful organizer to hold world-class trade exhibitions, conferences and seminars on Horticulture, Agriculture, Floriculture, Landscape, Nursery and Post Harvest Management industry.

Our highly motivated and qualified team devoted its steadily growing activities to a single goal: bringing people and markets together. AGRI MECH and RK Media and Communications are the well-known names for bringing a new dimension to the trade and business of industry through publications, exhibitions & trade conferences and creating new milestones every step of its way. Our team is devoted its steadily growing activities to a single goal, “bringing industry and their markets together”.

AGRI MECH has always been breaking new grounds and working towards the betterment of the agriculture domain with a great level of enthusiasm. We thoroughly understands the need and expectations of our clients and successfully communicate with their target customers to ensure to achieve their desired goals. Our mission is to guarantee to generate the RoI, protect the rights of our subscribers and preserve their core values of Education, Innovation and Cooperation.

AGRI MECH Magazine

By acquiring the English language for publication, AGRI MECH has now crossed the geographical boundaries of more than 38 countries of the world. This made it the only global and one of the most dedicated monthly magazines which cover the most discussed issues and articles on the latest technologies in the agricultural technology domain. Our more than 350,000 print and online readership covers the Dealers, Distributors, Importers, Exporters, Agriculture Machinery Manufacturers, Agriculture Input Manufacturers, Service Providers, Government and Private institutes, IT Companies, Trade Associations and Trade Councilors in more than 38 countries which include Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Middle East regions.

In the last few years, AGRI MECH has achieved the reputation of being one of the leading trade magazines in the industry and over the period of time, it has played a vital role in creating awareness and ensuring prosperity in the global agribusiness sector.