Dr. Graham A.B. Edwards

Dr. Graham A.B. Edwards

M.Sc., F.I. Ag. Engr.
Chairman and Co-Founder
Trantor International Ltd, UK

Dr Graham is a Course Leader, First World Bank Conference on privatisation of public sector companies at Kenya Institute of Management, with Kenyan Manufacturers Association and UK government ODA/DIFID support (1989-1991)

He is a regular Visiting Professor, INSEAD-Fontainebleau, an elective course of study in Manufacturing Strategy, focussing on the best of developments in EC, India and Japan.

He was also the Panel-Member of the North West UK International Business Forum (UK Trade & Investment) and N.W. Development Agency, Internationalisation Strategy Group (2005-2008).

Dr Graham is the Chairman and co-founder the Trantor tractor group of companies (Smart Innovation Award winners) creating and developing a new kind of energy efficient, higher productivity farm tractor for low-draught and transport work (1992-2008).

He is one of the Directors of Programmes, for ODA (DIFID), under the Colombo Plan Scheme, for Manufacturing Systems and Technology in India (Central Manufacturing Institute, Bangalore). A UK government supported mission, aimed toward creating increased manufacturing efficiency in India’s engineering industry. (A 6-year project of in-company support to Indian business, where at least 3 months at a time residence in India, working inside Indian factories, was essential).

He has involved in Research relating to the future needs of the farm machinery industry of Australia, Mexico, South Africa, China, USA and Malaysia. Identifying, by examining indigenous development (2000-2004), how joint-ventures with British companies can be developed. For three years this work was explained and exhibited at the Global Partnerships Pavilion of the Royal Show (2004-2006).

As a result of writing one of the pioneering books in the field of Cell and G. T. Manufacturing systems, and producing a significant list of publications, Dr Graham worked on manufacturing systems in China, Belgium, India and Canada, as an advisor to a range of companies and government bodies. He was the coordinator for the work at The Royal Society (with D.T.N. Williamson, F.R.S.) regarding the seminars and case studies in cell manufacturing systems.

In recent years, his publications relate to innovation in the world of farm tractors, where Eco design, lowering fuel costs in farming and productive efficiency are the goals.

Experience of being the Managing Director, of Marlaheath Plastics Ltd., (formerly a part of British Petroleum) was a particularly valuable experience because of holding full executive responsibility. He was the President, Manchester University Football Club (10 years), as well as Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Manufacturing Systems and Technology at Manchester, Leeds and Bradford Universities. He was the coach and selector for British University representative X1’s and formation of Manchester Wanderers for the purpose of visiting developing countries and using sporting prowess as a means for under graduate, and recent graduates, to widen their educational perspectives.


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