Kuldar Väärsi

Kuldar Väärsi

Chief Executive Officer of Milrem AS

Mr. Kuldar Väärsi is the Chief Executive Officer of Milrem AS, an Estonian commercial and military unmanned ground systems developer and defence solutions provider. Milrem is the developer and manufacturer of first fully modular unmanned ground vehicle, which bring many versatile solutions to agricultural sector. Mr Väärsi was responsible for establishing Milrem together with Mootor Grupp in 2013, bringing his expertise in the transport industry as well as executive management experience to his role in the company. He oversees the corporate direction and long-term strategy for Milrem’s global business operations, and is responsible for overseeing and expanding Milrem’s presence in the defence and security sectors around the world.

Mr Väärsi is also the Chief Executive Officer of SEBE Ltd, the largest public transport bus lines operator in Estonia since 2010, as well as the Chairman of the Board of Estonian Defence Industry Association since 2014. Prior to his role in Milrem, he was with the Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Economical Affairs and Communications of Estonia, and also a member of the Board of Elektriraudtee, an Estonian state-owned railway operator.

He graduated from Tallinn University with a degree in public administration.


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