Professor Artemi Cerda

Professor Artemi Cerda

Full Professor University of Valencia, Spain
Expertise: Land Degradation, Soil Erosion, Land Abandonment, Forest Fires, Agriculture

Professor Artemi Cerdà, who is expert in Coordinating national and international research projects; Geographer, and soil physicist, expert in Land Degradation and Development in areas affected by land abandonment and wildfires, and chemical agricultura. His main topics are soil erosion and land degradation issues. He researched on the impact of land management and land use on soil infiltration, soil erosion and soil aggregate stability. Biota and agriculture soil management, wildfires and biota activity are recent research topics. Artemi Cerdà is very interested on the stakeholder education and the exchange of knowledge between stakeholders and scientists.

Professor Artemi Cerdà (H-index: 34, cited by others: 3180 times; Google; HIndex: 46; 6200 times cited) has 25 years of research in topics such as Soil Erosion, Soil Hydrology, Fire effects on Soils, Agriculture and Land Degradation. He coordinated three special research actions for the Spanish Government (FUEGORED) and has been the head of six national and regional projects in Spain. Artemi Cerdà joined more than 40 research projects, and right now is involved in the LEDDRA and RECARE project funded by the European Union. At present, Professor Artemi Cerdà is Editor-in-Chief of Land Degradation and Development and contributes as editorial board member of four international journals. Professor Cerdà is the President of the Soil System Sciences Division of the EGU and he develops research in collaboration with colleagues from USA, Italy, UK, Australia and Portugal

Professor Artemi Cerdà is the editor of Land Degradation and Development


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