Dr Shimon Horovitz Roberto

Dr Shimon Horovitz Roberto

B.Sc. Agronomy
Consultant – Open fields and greenhouses
Jerusalem, Israel

Dr Shimon Horovitz Roberto is an Agronomist graduated in Israel in 1983 holding a B.Sc. degree from the Hebrew university of Jerusalem. He travelled the world as a manager and as a consultant, visited many countries and saw the way the world is doing their farming activities. In some cases he helped in improving the process in other he could only advise his ideas. He visited many 3rd world countries to learn that the way is very long to get better yields from the land. He was worked in Peru, Mexico, Honduras, USA. He spent time in India, USSR, CHINA, Nigeria, Kenya and others. He specialized in Open fields and greenhouses. He is interested in trying to solve the hunger problem in the world and try to share his ideas for the process. One good topic to start is soil preparation and machinery good usage.


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