CASTLE BUILDER – the online slot at mostbet


Castle Builder is one of the newest games released by Microgaming at mostbet. Microgaming is well known for their amazing game designs, which are paired with innovative games and a great range of high payout features, and this Castle Builder video slot at most bet is a great way to get the most out of your online gaming experience. 

How the slot works at mostbet

Playing mostbet takes players back to medieval times, the age of castles, kings and their knights. Unlike other slot machines, where players only spin the reels to win combinations or activate a bonus round, Castle Builder gives players in moatbet the chance to build a castle as they spin the reels and reap big winnings at most bet video slot. Players can do this by collecting and earning building materials symbols in a winning combination, when they do this, the meter of building that is on the left side will start to fill up so they can build the entire castle in mostbeet.

The storyline in mostbet

When the players in mostbeet manage to build a castle, the king's heir is about to move into the castle that has just been built, and he will have to choose one of the 3 admirers. Players at mostbeet will get to choose, but they have to be careful, because the different admirers don't have the same wealth and rewards. Once players in moatbet have made their choice, they will be able to reveal the wealth and fortune of the admirer, and they will be able to claim these fortunes as their own in most bet.

Symbols at mostbet

most bet

All of the icons that appear on the mostbeet game screen are inspired by the Middle Ages. Players on the moatbet will get to see
The Queen;
Knights .
Who will be spinning on the reels, as well as:
A treasure chest;
a bag of gold coins;
wooden planks;
and other building materials.
These symbols appear on the 5 reels of Castle Builder and on the 15 lines. Mostbeet players will be able to place their bets on the lines by viewing the betting options that are on the control panel below the reels. They will choose both the number of lines they want to place their mostbeet bets on and the value of the coins.

The special symbol in most bet

The old Wild King with the grey hair is a special symbol in mostbeet. Every time he appears on the reels, he can use his power to replace other icons on the reels in order to help players get paid in mostbeet, as if to show that he is the Generous King.