“Shaktiman” has accomplished its mission of selling One Lakh Plus Rotavators in the Domestic Market. We have
registered a phenomenal growth of 74% in overall Revenue and have sold 1,30,000 Plus units across India and
90 other countries Worldwide.
“Shaktiman” vision is not only to be an engine of growth for Farm Mechanisation in India but to ensure that
growth has to be sustainable also. At “Shaktiman”, we have further strengthened our product portfolio in all
aspects of crop cycle with the successful introduction of Big Sugarcane Harvester (395 HP), Pneumatic Planters,
Subsoiler, Mini & Big Round Balers, Banana Mulcher, Armed Flail Mowers & our JV Products on Root Crop

A solution such as Rotary Hiller & Potato Harvesters.
Our Blade Business has also created another benchmark of One Crore numbers and newly launched Lubricant
“Librium” had made the successful entry into the marketplace.
We acknowledge the support and contribution of each & every channel partner, their family & team members
who had made relentless efforts and reached out to farmers enabling FY21 amazing performance.
Commenting on this success, Dinesh Vashishtha, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer said, the last year’s key
learning had established that “Agriculture” is a most sustainable profession and fortunately we all are into it
only. We wish to continue to be a light-house for enhancing Farm Mechanisation in India and in further
strengthening our position as the Largest Exporter of Agril. Machinery.